• Had alot of fun during the 2 day group course, & we learn alot of things that will definitely helps me n partner in future. Many thanks for everything Apkim..
    - tusheng
  • Terima Kasih teramat sangat kepada APKIM kerana bijak dan prihatin terhadap isu-isu yg amat penting dan sensitif dlm masyarakat Islam Singapura yg boleh membawa pada keretakkan rumah tangga. Best dan gerek nak mampos!!!
    - Kelly
  • The course is definitely informative. Learnt alot. Not only that, staffs and trainers are really nice too. Thanks to the staffs and also to Mdm Rosalinda, Mdm Adilla and Mdm Murni for your guidance..
    - Syafie N Noemie
  • The pre-marriage course we attended just now was awesome.. Ustaz mateen was indeed a good lecturer.. He taught us everything he knows and willing to answer all out doubts and questions.. Great experience we learnt a lot from this course.. Thanks and wassalam..
    - Sabz Mawaz
  • testimonial

    I found it very inspirational. Opened my mind to how to treat my future wife the right way. The course is perfect the way it is. I sincerely loved the practical examples and the in depth interview of our lives revealed much of our personalities.
    - Willem T Kruythoff @Adam, The Netherlands

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