2 day Group Marriage preparation course


For CINTA ABADI – 2 days workshop

APKIM conducts the workshop on scheduled dates as follows:

2015 Cinta Abadi

22 & 23 Aug (Malay) Apkim, Arab Street

5 & 6 Sep (English) Geylang West Community Centre

3 & 4 Oct (Malay) North Bridge Road

7 & 8 Nov (Malay) Ansar Mosque

5 & 6 Dec (English) Woodgrove Community Centre

Who is eligible to attend the APKIM Marriage Guidance Course (Kursus Bimbingan Rumahtangga) or Cinta
The course is only opened to those who are above 21 years old and have never been married before.

For the personalized 1 day session:
$300 per couple (Mon to Sat) in Malay
$320 per couple (Sundays) in Malay
$400 per couple (Tues & Sat) in English

For CINTA ABADI- 2 days group workshop(inclusive with lunch and tea breaks)
$260 per couple for both English and Malay workshops

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